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One on One with Blair.

If you need some support sifting through your current financial situation then Blair is here for you.

She has experience helping people transition into and out of the UAE, navigate the financial side of divorce, dig out of debt, and begin their own investing journey.

Blair's goal is to empower you to make your own conscious and informed decisions about your finances by bringing together understandings from neurobiology, psychology, personal finance, and plain ol mathematics. 
Choose from our Getting Started or Financial Tune-up plans, or book a one-off session to get support with a specific situation.

Workshops and Presentations.

Blair offers a series of financial education workshops designed for regular people.  

Using Blair's personal story along with data, understandings of psychology, and knowledge of personal finance this series makes financial decision making accessible to everyone.

The What's Possible presentation can be booked as a stand alone event or together with the rest of the series.

Each session is an hour long. 
Customization available. 

Please contact us for more details.

  • Assessment of your current financial situation.

  • Personal financial goal setting.

  • Cost-benefit analysis.

  • Making a personal investment plan.

  • What's Possible

  • Aligning with your Values workshop 

  • Expense Tracking workshop 

  • Low Cost Index Fund Investing workshop

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