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Choose Your Own
Path to Financial Freedom

How would your life change if you didn't have to worry about money?
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Why Hire a Financial Coach?

Personal finance is an overlooked part of wellbeing. We don't study personal finance in school. We don't learn about it at mindfulness retreats or in professional development sessions, yet our finances play an outsized role in our lives.


Our decision making, ability to meet our own personal goals, and overall levels of stress and happiness in life are influenced by our financial situation. If you want to choose your own path in life, you need to make conscious and informed decisions about your own finances to enable you to reach your goals.


Whether you're an individual looking to create your own financial freedom, or you want to bring a workshop to a larger audience, you can start by booking a free call now.

Guiding Principles

Choose Your Own Finance supports expats through data-driven personal finance education. Our kind, accepting, individualized approach helps our clients to build confidence in choosing their own path to financial freedom and security. 


Choose Your Own finance is a fee-only financial coaching service based on a transparent fee-for-service pricing structure; we do not sell financial products and we will never accept commissions or kick backs.

A Sprig of Queen Anne's Lace representing acceptance of where you are

Radical Acceptance

Start from a place of accepting yourself. Self-compassion and understanding are of the utmost importance for sustainable change.

You are where you are because you did what you could with what you had at the time. Notice and accept.

A high tension power line structure, representing evidence-based finance

Scientific Grounding

We use evidence to help you to make informed decisions about your next steps. If you don't know what's possible, then it's hard to make goals. Likewise, if you don't have any data on your own financial situation, it's difficult to make a realistic timeline.


Solid Pedagogy

Your situation is unique. What works for one person at one point will probably not work for another person, or even at another point in the same person's life.

We facilitate defining and adjusting your own individualized path to financial independence.

I am a former middle school science teacher and current board member of Everything I know about finance I learned the old fashioned way, by making mistakes then learning from them (plus a lot of reading).  As a Bogleheads style investor and a FIRE enthusiast, I love sharing what I've learned on my own journey to financial freedom. I am passionate about helping others find their own path to FI so they can design the life they want for themselves.


I run Choose Your Own Finance, give talks and lead workshops on personal finance. I also offer one on one coaching sessions to help individuals enact change in their lives.

About Me

About Tuan

In addition to being a specialist meteorologist with 20+ years of industry experience, Tuan is a Bogleheads and FIRE enthusiast and educator. He is also a long time board member of He has given many public talks on investing and finance and has commented on and contributed to more than 50 personal finance articles in The National. 


Tuan contributes to the Choose Your Own Finance blog and offers technical expertise during workshops.

Tuan Phan, FI Enthusiast and Contributor to Choose Your Own Finance
About Me
Let's Talk
A Rainbow over the Hajar Mountain Range in Oman, Representing the Hope that Financial Independence Offers
"An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered."

G. K. Chesterton

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