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Mindful Money Mondays

Join our online community of women supporting each other's financial wellbeing.

Each Monday we meet at 7pm for approximately one hour online. Each session will include time to share, a short breathing exercise, and a lesson on cultivating financial wellbeing.

MMM members also connect through our private forum to get individual support and encouragement building a more sustainable financial future.

250 AED/month full membership plan


100AED per session for drop-ins to online sessions

January 8th

Introductions and guidelines for the group sessions

Learning: Identifying the emotions you have around money. Leaning in with love and acceptance of your status quo.


January 15th

Love and Acceptance sharing

Learning: Identifying and connecting with your values: the why behind your goals.


January 22nd

Goals and values sharing

Learning: Intentional behaviors and systems: creating an environment conducive to meeting your goals.


January 29th

Sharing your systems

Learning: Flexibility and adjustments based on values instead of rigid adherence to narrow objectives. Experiment. Chase joy.

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